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Pharmadeep TURNKEY Pvt. Ltd.

PHARMADEEP TURNKEY was incorporated in 2003 and since then we have operate in more than 15 countries across Africa & Asia. We are one of the leading pharmaceuticals project management consultancy firms providing turnkey solutions for Pharmaceutical, Testing Laboratories, R&D Centers, Herbal, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Chemical and Food Plants. PHARMADEEP TURNKEY Projects, offers Service for the design, implantation and revamping of installations, from concept to commissioning on the turnkey concept.

Our company offers Turnkey Services for setting up of Pharmaceutical and Process Industry projects as per WHO, GMP, USFDA, PICS, MHRA, TGA and EU GMP guidelines. Our expertise is acknowledged by several high profile projects successfully completed in India and in international segments.

About Us
About Us
About Us

We are proud to state that the Facilities we have successfully commissioned, in India and Abroad, have complied with the demanding standards and requirements of International Agencies like US FDA, Pre-Engineered EU GMP & PICS.

We provide turnkey design engineering service to make a GMP compliant functional manufacturing plant from concept to commissioning. All the necessary services like concept designing, Structural Designing, Mechanical, HVAC, BMS, Electrical and Piping Designing are provided by us.

We also provide services for procurement Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), electrical, HVAC, Piping, and Process equipment with active on site project management (PMC) and validation documentation. We carry out all services with close coordination for integration of project, resulting in cost-effective and timely project completion.

Quality Policy

Quality  Policy

We at PHARMADEEP have our firm commitment to Quality Project Management and Engineering solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Healthcare Industry. We firmly believe in the principle of Quality by Design. We believe that the Quality built by Design in every Project or Engineering Solution, we deliver, will help the Quality cautious Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare Industry to accomplish their goal of serving the mankind with Quality products and Services.

Quality Objectives:
To protect the environment by promoting usage of environment friendly materials and non-conventional energy sources. To optimize the capital and recurring cost of every project by providing cost efficient and technologically advanced solutions.

Project Integration

Project Integration


Integration is the single most important activity for a Pharmaceutical project. Pharmaceutical Projects are complex in nature, having following features

  • Stringent Guidelines like WHO, GMP, USFDA, PICS, MHRA, TGA and EU GMP guidelines.
  • Constant focus on the quality of quality of final product.
  • For a mid-sized Pharmaceutical plant construction, 40 different trade agencies are required.
  • Pharmaceutical plant are becoming more wired and automated.

At PHARMADEEP TURNKEY Projects, we integrate, articulate & unify the entire sub-processes into a cohesive whole. Project Integration is our USP. With our vast experience in handling International Pharmaceutical Projects, we ensure that professional integration of project will have plenty of benefits to you like…

  • Client oriented approach assures you a true Single Point Responsibility.
  • Firm and fix prices throughout the project execution.
  • End-to end management by the designer and the executer.
  • Superior quality of the works.
  • Timely handing over of the project to generate quicker ROI.

Last but not the least, Project Integration is not a limited to brick and mortar, it is integration of like-minded companies/individuals for a long term Association.



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